Bruxism Treatment: Are You In Need?

bruxismhandsignDo you find that you suffer from sensations that you cannot quite attribute to one particular cause? Perhaps your teeth feel extremely sensitive but you’re not sure why. Maybe you feel some discomfort while you chew. Even more confusing – you may have had a friend or loved one tell you that they can hear you grinding your teeth but you don’t remember performing this habit. Fortunately, we are experts at identifying the potential disorder associated with your discomfort – it’s called bruxism. Even better news? We offer bruxism treatment to protect your smile and to relieve you of symptoms. Ready to find out if treatment may be right for you? Consider the following details:

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is primarily defined as unconscious – or involuntary – teeth grinding or clenching. You may perform this habit during the day without realizing it. Patients often grind at night while they sleep, as well. Because it is considered a habitual issue, bruxism is typically associated with a chronic problem rather than an occasional tendency to grind one’s teeth in response to isolated stressors.

Are There Complications?

Yes, bruxism brings a variety of complications with it, which is why we suggest bruxism treatment right away. You see, if you grind your teeth back and forth, you will wear down the surfaces of your teeth, which you use to chew your food. Bruxism may also place stress on your jaw joints (called your TMJs – or temporomandibular joints), which may then lead to an additional issue called TMJ disorder. Your teeth also become in danger of physical damage, such as chips or breakage.

Do I Need Treatment?

If we determine that bruxism is, in fact, a problem that you are experiencing, we will strongly suggest treatment. By protecting your smile and surrounding supportive structures, you may be able to avoid daily discomfort as well as long-term damage that may lead to the need for significant restorative services.


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