Dental Checkups: Why You Need Them

dentalcheckupmagnifyingIs it time for your dental checkup? It certainly is if it has been six months since your last checkup. While you may consistently schedule these preventive visits like clockwork, you may find yourself wondering why checkups are so important. For instance – will something bad happen if you neglect your checkup? Does this visit really offer you much in the way of health benefits or is it just a routine appointment? To find out more about how much protection you gain from seeing us twice a year, we encourage you to learn more as you read ahead:

Symptoms? What Symptoms?

We find that patients often assume it’s best to wait until a symptom appears before contacting us. The problem with this way of thinking is that symptoms sometimes make their first appearance once a dental disease or disorder has already been around for a while – possibly after damage has already begun to occur. In some instances, a problem may be asymptomatic, meaning symptoms simply fail to occur even though an underlying oral health problem is happening.

Prevention Is Best

True, if a sudden change in your mouth occurs, it is important to contact us right away to discuss this symptom and to determine its underlying cause. However, as noted above regarding the variability of symptoms, the best route to take is prevention. You can accomplish this by scheduling six-month dental checkups. We will examine your smile visually as well as with the use of advanced technology that allows us to detect issues that you cannot detect on your own – and often long before you recognize anything has changed.

Early Detection Yields Excellent Results

The earlier we detect a concern, the greater our ability to offer you treatment the moment a problem begins. And, of course, if we provide treatment at the onset of an issue, the success rate of treatment greatly increases. Schedule your dental checkups consistently, so you can enjoy the benefits of a closely monitored smile.


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