Gum Contouring: The Essential Info

smileglassessweaterHave you taken a good, long look at your smile in the mirror lately? Did you discover that the problem you’re having with the appearance of your smile is actually not related to the structure of your teeth – but to your gum tissue? If so, this may at first feel disheartening. In addition, you might not realize we offer cosmetic treatment that concentrates on improving the look of your gumline. Good news, however – we do! If you feel your teeth look too short or that something about your smile simply doesn’t line up, it’s time you learn more about gum contouring and how it may help you achieve your dream smile.

Do You Have A Gummy Smile?

Have you ever felt sad because your teeth look squatty? In most cases, you probably do not have short teeth. You may simply have a gummy smile. Another way to look at this concern is with the following: When you smile, you feel like too much of your gum tissue shows, rather than your smile primarily displaying your teeth. Fortunately, we can help you with gum contouring, a cosmetic treatment.

Does Your Smile Appear Asymmetrical?

Have you ever looked at your smile in the mirror and thought to yourself that it looks asymmetrical – but your smile line actually seems to line up beautifully? In some cases the lopsided appearance may have more to do with your gum tissue and less (or nothing) to do with your teeth themselves. In this instance, you need gum contouring. This cosmetic treatment will allow us to re-sculpt your gumline, so it reveals the same amount of tooth tissue on mirroring sides of your smile – this will yield a symmetrical, balanced appearance.

How Gum Contouring May Help

We will use a laser to reshape your gum tissue. Fortunately, laser treatments offers exceptional benefits. In addition to helping you achieve the smile that you are hoping to share with the world, you will find that laser treatment promotes speedier healing, accurate improvement, and improved comfort when compared with manual instruments. Whether you’re seeking a more symmetrical smile or a less gummy appearance, gum contouring will get you there.


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