How Veneers Transform Your Smile

smileperfecteyebrowsAre you wondering what to do to make your smile look amazing? Have you avoided visiting us for cosmetic treatment because you feel like your smile has some serious esthetic issues and that we will probably suggest a long list of treatments to help you achieve your smile goals? If so, you will be excited to find out that we provide porcelain veneers to address multiple smile concerns. In fact, you can expect for your smile to appear natural yet completely made over as a result of choosing veneers. Wondering how this works? It’s simple and effective.

What Are Veneers?

Think of a veneer as a thin covering that we place over the part of your tooth that shows when you smile. When the ceramicist who creates your veneers goes to work, he or she combines multiple super-thin layers of porcelain to create a customized shell that we will bond to your tooth. We will be able to achieve this feat by taking impressions of your teeth, which we will provide to the ceramicist.

Porcelain Veneer Benefits

Porcelain veneers offer an exceptional variety of benefits, which can dramatically transform and improve your smile. You will be surprised just how many transformations you can make with a single treatment (which typically only requires two to three visits), including the following:

  • You may fill spaces between your teeth
  • You may alter the shape of your teeth, whether you’re looking for a more pleasing shape, length, or width
  • You may achieve a mild improvement with the alignment of your smile
  • You may improve the shade of your smile, for a whiter, brighter grin
  • You may camouflage a multitude of imperfections, including problems like small chips, minor cracks, serious stains, serious discoloration that you cannot address with teeth whitening, serious cosmetic damage too significant for bonding or contouring, and more


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