Shape Up Your Smile: Dental Contouring

womanlaughingcloseupYou may not realize that a mouthful of imperfections is not always the overwhelming monster you may feel it is. In fact, simple yet extremely effective cosmetic treatments like dental contouring can address multiple esthetic concerns, allowing you to reshape a single problem or your entire smile. We encourage you to learn more about how contouring may help you improve minor unsightly issues like a pointed tooth or asymmetrical smile line. You may find that in dentistry, minor changes often yield the biggest results.

About Contouring

Dental contouring is a cosmetic treatment we use to gently re-shape your teeth. Here’s how it works: We will use a polishing instrument that removes an extremely small amount of your tooth tissue. We will only remove a bit of your enamel – or your tooth’s outermost layer – ensuring you retain a more than sufficient amount to protect the health of your teeth. This process allows us to soften sharp points, change the shape of your teeth, and make any improvements you may desire that we can accomplish with minor tissue reduction.

What We Achieve With Contouring

Buffing away small amounts of tissue with dental contouring offers patients a long list of exciting benefits. You may address individual concerns or multiple concerns that can affect the appearance of your entire smile. Consider the following:

  • We can soften a pointed, sharp tooth – this is often helpful for patients who feel they have “vampire teeth”
  • We may shorten a tooth that looks longer than the surrounding teeth
  • We may shorten multiple teeth to improve the uniformity and symmetry of your smile line
  • Dental contouring may address textural concerns
  • Contouring may improve awkwardly shaped teeth or odd, rough borders
  • We may be able to improve the appearance of overlapping teeth with gentle tissue reduction


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