Are You Keeping Your Teeth Clean?

toothbrushclearcupHow well are you doing when it comes to keeping your teeth clean? Are you doing a stellar job with your daily and long-term preventive care habits? Or are you worried that, perhaps, you are a bit lax? We often find patients know that daily dental hygiene and trips to the dentist are important – but they’re not quite sure about the specific details surrounding each aspect of care. Rather than feeling like you’re close but not completely clear on these topics, we are happy to offer some detailed information, so you know just what to do for a healthy smile.

Schedule Your Dental Cleanings Consistently

An important thing to remember (that is easy to forget) when it comes to effective preventive care is that you need to schedule your dental cleaning and checkup once every six months. By forgetting or canceling these preventive visits, you are setting yourself up to become more vulnerable to diseases like periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Practice Excellent Brushing and Flossing

It’s very important that you brush your teeth twice a day, every single day. The plaque (a sticky substance filled with bacteria) that adheres to your teeth on a daily basis is something that you can brush and floss away. However, neglecting its presence for as few as 24 to 48 hours may allow it to harden into tartar, a cement-like substance that you cannot budge on your own. So, keep up with your brushing and flossing for truly effective preventive care:

  • Brush two times a day, two minutes each time you brush
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush
  • Use nonabrasive toothpaste with fluoride and the ADA seal of approval
  • Floss thoroughly once daily