CEREC: Offering One-Visit Crowns

dentalcrownHave you been hearing that one-visit crowns offer a long list of benefits but you’re not quite sure what to make of this news? Perhaps you’re only familiar with traditional crowns, which include at least two visits and the placement of a temporary crown while you wait. The good news is that the name is not misleading – you really can expect efficient treatment. However, for a full understanding of what makes this restorative service possible, it’s important to become familiar with CEREC technology and additional details.

First, Learn About Dental Crowns

Not sure what a dental crown is? This is a prosthetic tooth – meaning, an artificial tooth – with a hollow body. We will place a customized crown color-matched to your smile over a damaged tooth. Common reasons to place a crown include severe tooth decay that surpasses the help of a dental filling, a severely broken tooth that we cannot fix with other treatments, and even serious cosmetic damage. After creating a crown that fits the dimensions of your smile and bite, we will place it permanently over your tooth. Fortunately, we offer one-visit crowns for convenience.

Now, Become Familiar With CEREC

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. What this technology does is what’s so impressive: It allows us first to take digital impressions of your smile if you need a crown, so you will not need to worry about messy putty-like molds. By uploading this information into the CEREC machine, it will then mill a solid block of porcelain or zirconia into a customized dental crown. Thanks to this efficiency, we can usually create and place your one-visit crown within a single appointment.