The Info You Want: Nitrous Oxide

womanrelaxedfieldBecoming familiar with sedation dentistry means discovering a world that provides you with the comfortable access to dental care you’ve been seeking. As for the specifics, you may feel like you have a general idea about the benefits but less of a refined understanding of the different treatments and their effects. There’s no time like the present to learn more about nitrous oxide. This gentle, extremely effective sedation option helps many patients just like you deal with the variety of common issues that prevent them from scheduling the appointments they would otherwise be happy to keep.

About Nitrous Oxide

You may know this treatment by its nickname “laughing gas.” Patients tend to call it this because it may make you feel like giggling. Why? It is a sedative that offers wonderful calming properties – you may even experience a sense of euphoria. You may choose nitrous oxide because of its gentle nature yet exceptional ability to offer a visit during which you feel at ease.

How We Administer It

Well-suited to patients who dislike injections, nitrous oxide is easy to receive. You will wear a comfortable mask that we place carefully over your nose. You will continue to breathe like you usually do, taking in the sedative as you inhale. Almost instantly, the calming effects will set in. We can control the amount of sedative you receive during treatment, so you remain completely comfortable.

Your Concerns

Do you have concerns about nitrous oxide? We are always happy to answer questions. For now, consider some helpful information:

  • You can drive yourself back to your daily plans after your visit – you do not need a ride because laughing gas wears off quickly.
  • This sedation dentistry solution is safe for most people – it is even administered to children.