Time To Learn Dental Implant Terms

dentalimplantpinkIf you are looking for an exceptional way to replace your missing teeth, you may have stumbled across the long list of advantages associated with dental implants. You may be thinking a couple things at the moment. First, “Hooray!” may be one of them, since implants offer long-term replacement options for both the visible portion of your tooth as well as your roots. You may also be thinking to yourself, “Wait, what does that word mean?” It’s true, implants require you to know a few new terms before it all makes sense. Allow us to fill you in on the words you most need to know.

Dental Implants: Common Terms (And Explanations)

Term: Dental Implant

Explanation: A dental implant is a post that we place into your jawbone to replace the roots that you lost as a result of tooth loss. The post is composed of titanium – we will place it surgically and it will require several months to completely heal.

Term: Osseointegration

Explanation: This is a term we use to explain the “becoming one” that occurs between your dental implant post and jawbone. Your post fuses to your jawbone over time, which creates the bond that offers the entire tooth replacement such excellent stability.

Term: Abutment

Explanation: Once you have healed, the abutment is a connector that we will place within the top of the implant post – it will connect you restoration to the dental implant.

Term: Restoration

Explanation: Your restoration is what we use to “restore” or top your dental implant. For a single implant, the restoration is a dental crown. For multiple teeth replacement, implants may support full or partial dentures.