Treating Your Sleep Apnea

sleepinwomanhappyHave you been experiencing daily fatigue but you’re not quite sure why? Has your significant other let you know that you make a choking sound, wake up struggling to breathe, and then fall back asleep each night? Perhaps you’re known as a very loud snorer. If these symptoms sound at all familiar – or if you have already been diagnosed with this sleep apnea – we strongly suggest you visit us for sleep apnea treatment. While on the surface level this nightly issue may just seem a bit aggravating, it is actually something that can take a serious toll on your long-term health. Fortunately, treatment is just as comfortable as it is effective.

Why Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Sleep apnea can have a significantly negative impact on your daily life and your long-term health. First, you will quickly notice that frustrating side effects begin to occur (and don’t go away). You may suffer from mood swings, difficulty concentrating even on simple tasks, daily headaches, sore throat in the morning, a feeling of cottonmouth when you wake up, and extreme fatigue. Unfortunately, avoiding sleep apnea treatment may also result in serious health problems like high blood pressure or liver problems.

About Sleep Apnea Treatment

The great news is that while your sleep apnea symptoms are extremely challenging, sleep apnea treatment is simple yet effective. Fortunately, we offer non-invasive, drug-free therapy to improve your nightly sleep. We will send you home with a custom-designed oral appliance, which is similar to a mouth guard. By wearing the appliance at night, you will enjoy a gentle jaw shift that promotes open air passages while you sleep – this combats sleep apnea, so you can rest soundly.