Why Do I Need A Tooth Extraction?

womancoveringmouthwshirtWhen it comes to providing dental care to promote a healthy, beautiful smile, we always do our best to preserve and save the natural teeth currently in your smile. However, serious problems sometimes call for serious treatment, which is why you may have received the suggestion for a tooth extraction to protect your oral wellbeing. Not sure why we would insist on a removing your tooth to keep your smile healthy? Learn more about potential, severe concerns that may threaten your smile for a clearer understanding of how an extraction actually safeguards your grin.

To Protect Your Oral Health

You may assume that fixing a problematic tooth is the only way to protect your oral health. However, removing a tooth can sometimes offer even more protection. Not sure why? Consider the following reasons a tooth extraction can become quite beneficial:

  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth: You have a wisdom tooth that has not erupted from your gum tissue or from beneath your bone – this can result in infection and pain. Removing the tooth will promote daily comfort and oral health.
  • Severe, Widespread Infection: If it is too late to save your tooth with root canal therapy, we must remove your tooth to protect surrounding tissues – and your entire body – from the serious threat of a spreading infection.
  • Serious Tooth Injury: When you suffer a serious injury to a tooth, such as a severe break, there may not be enough tissue to work with. To protect you from possible infection, we will suggest a tooth extraction and replacement.

To Provide Room For Orthodontics

Is your smile overcrowded? In some cases, providing you with appropriate orthodontic care (such as braces to align your teeth) is impossible until you have more room in your smile. A tooth extraction can provide you with the room you need to achieve alignment.