Addressing Your Extraction Concerns

worriedwomantankThere are certain things that we can almost always count on when it comes to making diagnoses and suggesting treatments. For example – we can almost always guess how a patient is going to respond when we recommend a dental extraction to promote a healthy smile. Your hesitation and momentary upset is not lost on us – we know you have a wealth of questions and concerns to back up your reaction. However, since extractions are often essential to protecting your oral health, we suggest learning more about them, so you can appreciate their value.

Concerns and Responses: Extractions

Concern #1: “What if I don’t really need an extraction?”

Response: Our first priority is doing everything we can to save your tooth, so you do not need an extraction. Before suggesting this treatment, we will examine your tooth and thoroughly inspect your oral health with the use of digital imaging. We will only move forward with the suggestion of a dental extraction if all other restorative treatments have been exhausted and it is your only or best option.

Concern #2: “I’m worried my dental extraction is going to be painful but I know it’s important to schedule my appointment.”

Response: Another priority of ours is ensuring you are comfortable during every step of your dental care experience. This includes everything from your dental checkup to more complicated procedures like extractions. In addition to numbing the tooth and nearby area, we will also offer sedation options, so you can feel completely at ease.

Concern #3: “I am scared about the idea of having an open space in my smile. Is there anything I can do?”

Response: Yes. We will speak with you before your dental extraction to decide on an appropriate tooth replacement for your smile. We offer a full variety of options, including dental bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants.