Crowns: Reasons You May Need One

reasonsblocksDealing with a dental problem severe enough to warrant a dental crown means you are in serious need of restorative dental care. However, even though you know a crown can help, you may find yourself wondering if it’s the best solution for your needs. First, a quick refresher: A crown is a hollow prosthetic tooth custom-crafted out of artificial material. We will place it over a tooth in great need of coverage, support, or structural improvement. Rest assured, we always recommend this treatment conservatively. Consider some common reasons for crowns for a clearer understanding.

A Broken Tooth

A chipped tooth is often a candidate for dental bonding. Unfortunately, if your break or fracture is significant and too severe for cosmetic treatment or a filling, we may need to clean up the remaining tissue and cover it with a dental crown.

Root Canal Treatment

We suggest root canal treatment to remove dental pulp as a means of repairing an infected tooth. This includes creating an opening in your tooth and removing the tissue within. Once finished, we typically seal the tooth and then protect and restore its structure by placing a crown.

Severe Tooth Decay

Are you dealing with a cavity that is quite large? If so, you may not have enough tissue left for us to simply place a filling (without leaving your tooth vulnerable to a break). In this case, we may suggest a dental crown after we clear away the decay.

Cosmetic Improvement

Sometimes a tooth simply becomes too cosmetically damaged for other treatment options like veneers. For comprehensive improvement, we may suggest a porcelain or zirconia dental crown to beautify your smile.