General Dentistry Guide

familypiggybackWhen you’re seeking a dentist who will provide the general dentistry services you and your family need, it’s important to take a closer look at what’s offered. You see, different patients require particular services for their unique needs. One patient may need help with jaw joint concerns, while another is struggling with consistent snoring problems. Age, as well, plays a factor – children require focused, compassionate care to learn excellent habits for a lifetime of healthy smiles. We suggest you learn more about the comprehensive care we offer, so you have a clearer perspective of how we can assist each member of your family.

Checkups and Cleanings

First things first, our general dentistry services include preventive dental checkups and dental cleanings. These are essential treatments that allow us to help you avoid oral diseases and damage associated with illness and disorders. First, we suggest six-month cleanings, so we may thoroughly remove plaque from your smile to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Second, we suggest checkups, so we can detect and treat any issues the moment they occur.

Children’s Dentistry

General dentistry services for your family include children’s dentistry. Why? Your child’s smile is still developing and your little one is still learning good hygiene habits. Our goal is to guide your child’s skills and smile development to ensure the best possible outcome and habits.

TMJ and Bruxism Treatment

Beyond clean healthy teeth and gums lie potential factors that may cause other types of damage. For instance, bruxism (teeth grinding) can damage your teeth and stress your jaw joints. TMJ disorder (jaw joint dysfunction) may result in serious damage and discomfort. We treat both preventively, so your oral cavity remains healthy and functional.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

It’s true – general dentistry offers help for problems with snoring and sleep apnea. This is because these sleep disorders typically occur when your tongue and soft palate slide toward your throat and your throat tissues partially or fully collapse. We can often combat these factors with an oral appliance that keeps airways open.