Laser Gum Contouring: Benefits

benefitsrainbowHow much do you know about improving the appearance of your gumline? Are you even aware that you have the option to address esthetic concerns regarding your gums? If not, there’s no time like the present to learn more about gum contouring. You see, patients often feel uneasy about the way their gums look but don’t quite know how to go about seeking the proper treatment. The good news is that this cosmetic procedure is a common and effective way to transform the beauty of your smile. Learn more about what to expect as you begin your journey toward accomplishing your smile goals.

Cosmetic Benefits

Gum contouring offers cosmetic benefits, so you can feel better about the way your smile looks. First, if your teeth appear short then you may require the removal of extra gum tissue covering a portion of the crown of your teeth. By raising your gumline, your teeth will look longer and more esthetically pleasing. Or, you may deal with poor uniformity due to an asymmetrical gumline. We can use gum contouring to carefully re-design your gumline, removing tissue accordingly.

Physical Benefits Of Laser Contouring

Fortunately, we offer gum contouring with the use of laser dentistry. Before this advance in technology, we relied on the use of manual instruments. Now, we use a laser that offers the following benefits:

  • Extraordinary precision in gum tissue removal
  • The laser cauterizes tissue as it works, which means you will likely not require stitches – this also means that you can expect an accelerated recovery period
  • Laser gum contouring is often more comfortable, requiring a decreased need for anesthetic