Oral Sedation: Essential Details

womanrelaxedsunflowersWhen patients learn about sedation dentistry, two common responses occur. The first includes the hope that he or she qualifies as a candidate. To this, we can assure you that most healthy patients are well suited to sedation, as we offer it for everything from checkups to restorative procedures. The second response includes curiosity about particular sedation options. If you are a patient seeking an injection-free solution offering deeper relaxation than laughing gas, we suggest you learn more about oral sedation.

What Is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is a type of sedation dentistry. We will provide you with a medication that has a tranquil effect, relaxing your central nervous system. You can expect medications like Valium or Ativan, which are prescription-strength formulas that belong to a class of drugs called sedatives.

How Is It Administered?

Unlike other forms of sedation dentistry, this one – as the name suggests – is administered orally. We will select a medicine for you based on your particular needs. You will take the drug in pill form before your visit or before your procedure.

What Are The Benefits?

You can expect a deep sense of relaxation and calm – deeper than what you will achieve with the use of nitrous oxide. You will remain awake and will still be able to converse with us – however, stressors like strange sounds and smells will stop bothering you. In some cases, you may not remember your experience once the medicine wears off. Keep in mind that while the deep relaxation is an excellent benefit, it means you must have a friend or loved one drive you to your home after your visit.