Q&A: Root Canal Treatment

Q&AskyHave you ever spoken with a dental professional about the need for root canal treatment or what you can expect from it? Or does all of your knowledge regarding this restorative care option come from friends, relatives, and the Internet? If you answered with the latter, you are probably full of questions that you would like answered before you feel comfortable scheduling your root canal. Rest easy – we commonly receive a variety of questions and concerns and are happy to provide you with answers to some of your concerns.

Questions About Root Canal Treatment

Question: I’m worried about root canal treatment – is there something I can do to feel more relaxed during the treatment?

Answer: If there are any special accommodations that you have already prepared (perhaps you like to listen to music or bring a blanket) please let us know. As for our assistance with helping you enjoy your procedure, in addition to numbing your tooth and the area, we offer sedation dentistry for tranquil treatment.

Question: Do I really need root canal treatment? Can I just postpone my treatment for a while until I feel ready?

Answer: We will only suggest root canal treatment once we have fully examined your tooth (with the help of digital imaging) to determine the extent of infection. Unfortunately, waiting to schedule treatment may cause negative side effects like an abscess, a ruptured abscess, severe discomfort, and tooth loss.

Question: I’m most worried about my tooth after the root canal treatment is over. I’m glad it will still be in my smile but is it going to look disfigured?

Answer: No, we will cover your tooth with a dental crown that looks beautiful and lifelike. You will be able to use your tooth and proudly display it when you smile.