Restorative Dentistry Mini-Guide

beginnerguidesignDo you ever wonder what might happen if you break a tooth or if something goes wrong with your smile? Are you currently dealing with a dental problem like tooth loss and have begun researching your options for restoring your oral health? Fortunately, we offer a full spectrum of restorative dentistry services to ensure every one of our patients has access to necessary dental care. Rest assured, whether you need a quick repair, attention to an oral disease, or significant care for a structural concern, we can assist you in regaining your healthy, beautiful smile. Learn more about your restorative treatment options as a starting point.


A dental filling addresses tooth decay. Once diagnosed with a cavity, we will recommend a filling. This treatment will remove the decaying tissue from within your tooth, stopping the problem from advancing. We will then clean out the opening and fill it with a material, such as composite, to restore your tooth.

Dental Crowns

Have you damaged your tooth or received root canal treatment? We may suggest a dental crown, which is a hollow tooth crafted out of artificial material. By placing it permanently over your remaining tissue, we will restore the structure of your tooth, while protecting the tooth beneath.

Root Canal Treatment

For an infected tooth, we will suggest root canal treatment. The procedure will stop the infection and save your tooth by removing the infected tissue (dental pulp), resealing and covering your tooth.

Dental Bridge

A bridge is a fixed prosthetic composed of a series of artificial teeth. It may replace one tooth or up to three simultaneous missing teeth.


A denture – full or partial – is a removable prosthetic. You may replace any amount or pattern of tooth loss with this solution.