Say Goodbye To Your Contouring Concerns

womanworriedHave you been looking for a way to gently sculpt teeth that currently display some minor esthetic concerns? After all, even a single tooth with an awkward shape or super-pointed tip may throw off the uniformity of your entire smile. If this sounds familiar, you may have already gotten to know the many benefits of tooth contouring. What you may not have conquered yet, however, is having your concerns about contouring addressed. Rather than hesitate or miss out on this cosmetic treatment, allow us to reassure you.

Common Concerns About Contouring

Your Concern: I’m worried that tooth contouring will end up damaging my tooth since you are removing tissue.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry: We will only remove a tiny portion of your tooth’s enamel. In certain cases, we may take digital X-rays of your teeth for a precise look at the thickness of your enamel, so we can plan accordingly.

Your Concern: I’m concerned about the cost. I know some cosmetic treatments require a large investment.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry: Tooth contouring is known as a very budget-friendly option for improving your smile. Speak with us about the particulars of your treatment and cost for details.

Your Concern: I’m unsure about what to expect from treatment. I have a lot of little imperfections that I would like to sculpt but I don’t want to have to schedule several repeat appointment to attain the appearance I want.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry: Tooth contouring is an extremely efficient cosmetic treatment that we can complete during a single visit. Rest assured, by making small changes to one or multiple teeth, you can enjoy a surprisingly dramatic smile transformation.