Teeth Whitening Quiz

smilingblondeyellowleavesDoes the discolored appearance of your smile cause you to shy away from showing off your grin? Maybe you do your best to hide your teeth when you laugh or speak with others. Unfortunately, this is simply not an enjoyable way to live. The good news? We offer teeth whitening to dramatically brighten your smile. Think you already have a pretty solid understanding of cosmetic whitening? Do yourself a favor – quiz your knowledge. When you feel ready to improve your smile, contact us for a consultation, so we may create a treatment plan tailored to your goals.

True-or-False Quiz: Teeth Whitening

  1. Is It True or False: Teeth whitening improves your smile by covering it with a thin, white gel that camouflages stains.
  2. Is It True or False: You have one option for whitening your smile. You will come into our office to visit us, where we will have you wear trays filled with bleaching gel for several hours.
  3. Is It True or False: You can expect exceptional results, including a smile that looks approximately 10 shades whiter.

Whitening Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. We remove stains by placing a bleaching gel on your teeth. The gel will address stains on a molecular level, breaking them apart and lifting them away, so your teeth look whiter.
  2. False. You have two options. First, you may choose to visit us for an in-office teeth whitening treatment that will last almost an hour. Or, you may whiten your teeth at home with take-home trays and gel over the course of approximately two weeks.
  3. True. Choosing professional whitening provides you with a safe, comfortable way to enjoy a brilliantly white smile.