Reasons To Align Your Teeth

womanthumbsuptankIf you have been thinking about improving the alignment of your teeth with cosmetic braces, you may need some convincing. We often find that patients assume there is no good enough reason to straighten their smiles. Instead, patients often rationalize problems away. While we applaud patients for focusing on their inner beauty as much as their outer beauty, there’s certainly something to be said for the way you feel about yourself when you feel wonderful about the way your smile looks. And, of course, there are some other very convincing reasons to say “yes” to orthodontic care – allow us to explain.

Reason #1: Treatment Is Undetectable – Why Not?

We understand – particularly with adult patients – if the idea of aligning your smile with metal braces sounds overwhelming. Since we offer cosmetic braces with nearly invisible treatment, straightening your teeth will not cause any major disruption to your daily life.

Reason #2: Misaligned Teeth Cause Problems

Misaligned teeth can lead to some surprisingly serious problems with your oral health. First, you may be more prone to problems like tooth decay because thoroughly cleaning your smile may prove difficult. This is often the case when teeth are overlapping or spaced apart – cleaning each surface or consistently removing debris is a challenge. Poor alignment can also lead to TMJ disorder, bruxism, and physical damage from teeth tapping or grinding against one another.

Reason #3: Aligned Teeth Look Much Prettier

It’s true, our society views a straight smile as beautiful. Because most patients are like-minded on this topic, we suggest aligning your smile to feel more confident. If you like your presentation, you may feel more driven in your life.