Sleep Apnea: Q&A

sleepapneacoupleHave you been wondering lately if your daily exhaustion is associated with sleep apnea? If you have an inkling that this sleep disorder is currently impacting your life – or if you’ve recently received a diagnosis – we suggest you learn more and take action quickly. Treatment is effective and comfortable and offers significant improvement to your daily life, while protecting your health in the long run. Not sure you have come to realize the full scope of your sleep disorder and the potential side effects? Learn more with common questions and answers that can provide you with some essential information.

Questions and Answers About Sleep Apnea

Question: What are common side effects of sleep apnea?

Answer: This sleep disorder causes you to wake up “choking” or gasping for air often hundreds of times per night – obviously, this means your sleep is significantly disturbed. This results in daily fatigue, exhaustion, moodiness, difficulty focusing, difficulty remaining awake and alert during the day, and morning discomfort like cottonmouth and a sore throat.

Question: Are there any significant, long-term concerns associated with sleep apnea?

Answer: Unfortunately, the side effects are not limited to daily issues. Long-term damage is serious, potentially including high blood pressure, liver damage, and heart health problems.

Question: What should I do if I’m suffering from sleep apnea? Do you offer treatment to protect me from daily symptoms and long-term damage?

Answer: If you are suffering from this sleep disorder, contact us immediately. Even if you are not certain whether you’re an extreme snorer or a sleep apnea sufferer, the sooner we diagnose you and offer treatment, the sooner you can return to a comfortable daily life, while enjoying protection from serious health problems.