Frequently Asked Questions: IV Sedation

FAQschalkAs you look into your options for sedation dentistry, you may find that you have questions about IV sedation. We suggest you speak with us about this solution if you are dealing with extremely severe dental anxiety, if you find that laughing gas and oral sedation are not strong enough, or if you are simply curious about all of your choices. Allow us to introduce you to the essential details with an informative Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: IV Sedation

Question: What does “IV” stand for in IV sedation?

Answer: This is simply an abbreviation for “intravenous.” It refers to the fact that we will administer the sedation into your bloodstream through your vein. We will accomplish this by placing a very small needle into your vein by placing it in the back of your hand or in your arm.

Question: What makes IV sedation different than other forms of sedation dentistry?

Answer: This form of sedation offers the deepest form of relaxation you can achieve with us. As a result, you will feel extremely tranquil and may even find that you have forgotten some (or all) of your visit once the sedative is completely out of your system.

Question: Will I fall asleep by receiving IV sedation?

Answer: No. As a result of forgetting part of your visit, it may seem as though you slept through portions. However, you will remain conscious the entire time and capable of communicating verbally with our team, who will monitor your vitals throughout.