Reasons To Feel Good About Extractions

womanthumbsupsmileWhen patients hear the word “extraction” we often see a nearly immediate deer-in-headlights reaction. We understand that the idea of tooth removal can cause you to feel concerned. Yes, you are losing a tooth. However, it’s important to remember that many extractions (such as wisdom teeth removal or orthodontic plans) do not require replacement. For those teeth that do require a replacement, we offer beautiful options. As for remaining concerns, we encourage you to consider some reasons to stop worrying about dental extractions and instead to start feeling good about protecting your smile.

Reason #1: Dental Extractions Are Comfortable

You should feel good about extractions because, well, they don’t feel bad. The idea of tooth removal may sound somewhat off-putting. However, it’s a simple procedure that we will only begin once you receive local anesthetic (and sedation upon request).

Reason #2: Extractions May Protect Your Oral Health

The reason we suggest a dental extraction is often to save you from serious complications with oral health problems. For instance, if you ignore a problematic wisdom tooth, infection, discomfort, and even misalignment may result. If you neglect a seriously infected tooth, an abscess or the spread of infection into your bloodstream may occur. Fortunately, we can remove the source of your problem (your tooth) and move forward from there.

Reason #3: An Extraction May Contribute To A Prettier Smile

Do you need a dental extraction as a part of your orthodontic treatment? If so, you are likely suffering from overcrowding, which means you do not have enough room in your smile for all of your teeth. As a result, your teeth overlap one another, which leads to a less than lovely smile appearance, difficulty with hygiene, and even an increased chance of tooth decay. Fortunately, an extraction and braces can resolve all of these issues, while guiding you toward a beautiful grin.