Whitening: Keeping Your Smile Bright

smilecloseupshimmerDid you just receive teeth whitening to improve the brilliance of your smile? If so, your number one concern may be: Doing your best to keep your smile as white as it currently looks. Unfortunately, patients often become overly concerned about this aspect of cosmetic care. The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to maintain your beautiful smile, so long as you are informed regarding the guidelines. Allow us to help with some easy-to-follow recommendations.

Suggestion #1: Be Mindful Of Highly Pigmented Foods

Fortunately, your teeth are naturally resistant to staining, which is why discoloration usually includes dimming or gentle yellowing – rather than dark brown teeth. As a result, you can eat without immediately ruining your teeth whitening results. However, keep in mind that anything that will stain your carpet or your white shirt is highly likely to stain your teeth, too. When it comes to common culprits like red wine, tea, coffee, or berries – pay attention to your consumption. Limit the frequency with which you indulge to protect your smile. Or, follow the rinse-then-brush approach.

Suggestion #2: Rinse Then Brush

After you eat a meal or something particularly pigmented, we suggest following the rinse-then-brush method. You see, rushing to the bathroom to brush right away may cause damage to your teeth. Rinsing your mouth out with a swish of water, followed by a waiting period of 30 minutes and then brushing can save you from stains. It’s also an effective method for promoting healthy teeth.

Suggestion #3: Say Goodbye To Tobacco

If you’re smoking on a daily basis (or using other forms of tobacco) you can expect your dental stains to come back. By getting rid of this habit, you will protect the results of the teeth whitening, while reducing your likelihood of experiencing oral issues like gum disease or oral cancer.