Common Warning Signs: Sleep Apnea

warningWhen it comes to the need for sleep apnea treatment, snoring suggests that sleep apnea might be affecting your life. However, there are certainly some more definitive significant warning signs that point to a sleep apnea problem, which means your throat tissues are collapsing for brief moments throughout the night (temporarily rendering you incapable of breathing). Good news: We can address this problem, so heed the signs and call us for a visit right away.

Warning Sign #1: You Are Beyond Exhausted

If you miss a night of sleep or simply don’t sleep well, it’s normal to feel a bit draggy. However, if you are waking up night after night due to sleep apnea, your fatigue may be off the charts. Speak up if you are experiencing exhaustion, so we can investigate whether sleep apnea treatment may offer improvement.

Warning Sign #2: Your Daily Life Is Becoming Difficult

Your family is telling you that your mood swings are becoming unbearable, you notice you are starting to feel depressed, sometimes you suffer from headaches, and projects that were once easy are becoming difficult to focus one while you’re at work. If you’re losing concentration and your usual personality, it may be time for sleep apnea treatment.

Warning Sign #3: Your Partner Is Tired, Too

Do you have a partner who is waking up from your loud snoring? Has he or she reported that you sometimes sound like you’re choking? This is a sign that you are suffering from sleep apnea that is affecting both of your nightly sleep. Don’t worry: Sleep apnea treatment will help.