Porcelain Veneers: Quick Answers

brunettesmile pointingAre you on your way toward making a final decision about porcelain veneers? Is there something holding you back? If you answered, “yes” and the problem is simply a lack of information, we happen to be a wellspring of facts. Keep in mind that if you want specific answers to questions unique to your smile, it is a good idea to schedule a visit to see us. For now, however, we suggest that you think about answers to questions frequently asked by patients about veneers.

Questions and Quick Answers: Porcelain Veneers

Question: What is a veneer?

Answer: A veneer is a ceramic shell. It is made up of multiple ultra-thin layers of porcelain, which is translucent and color-matched to your specifications for a beautiful, natural finish.

Question: How much of my tooth does a porcelain veneer cover?

Answer: Unlike crowns (which are artificial teeth that cover your entire tooth), a veneer covers only the part of your tooth that is visible when someone looks at your smile. Veneers are not “full coverage.”

Question: Do I have to choose a full set of porcelain veneers?

Answer: No, you may choose one veneer, multiple veneers, or a full set depending on your particular needs.

Question: Is there anything you cannot improve with veneers?

Answer: Yes. We cannot improve the appearance of misalignment unless it is extremely mild (such as small spaces between teeth). For extremely severe cosmetic damage, a porcelain crown may offer better, more comprehensive visual improvement than a veneer. For the most part, porcelain veneers improve the size and shape of your teeth, cover up esthetic issues like small cracks or chips, and improve the color and consistency of your smile.