Puffy Gums: What’s The Problem?

womanquestionglowingWould you describe your gums as “puffy?” Is this the way you have always characterized your smile or have you only recently noticed that your gum tissue appears inflamed? When it comes to issues with gum tissue, we often find that patients feel less informed when compared with problems associated with their teeth. As a result, we would like to clear up confusion and provide you with some helpful details about how gum contouring may help your smile.

Is The Puffiness New?

If you can look back and remember a time, whether recent or quite a while ago, when your gum tissue looked flatter, less inflamed, or different in color, you may not need cosmetic gum contouring at the moment. Instead, you may be suffering from periodontal disease, which occurs when plaque and tartar build up beneath your gumline, causing inflammation and infection. Other common symptoms include bleeding gums, discomfort, redness or a purple tint to your gums, or persistent bad breath. Contact us right away for assistance in restoring your oral health.

Do You Simply Have A “Gummy” Smile?

If you can look back through the years and say with certainty that you have simply always felt like your gums looked puffy (or that your teeth looked too small) then you may simply suffer from what is commonly called a “gummy smile.” This just means that you have more gum tissue than you need, which can cause teeth to look too small or short. Fortunately, with gum contouring, we can strategically remove tissue to reveal a more balanced looking smile with a pleasing gum to teeth ratio.