Restorative Dentistry: A Quiz

quizredHow much do you know about restorative dentistry? Are you fully informed regarding the different types of treatments we offer to repair your smile? Are you certain about when you need restorations and how soon to call if something doesn’t seem right with your smile? Do yourself a big favor and breeze through an informative quiz. You will find out just how much you know – and you might even learn something new.

Restorative Dentistry Quiz: True or False?

  1. True or False: If something feels wrong with your smile, you should wait a week and then contact us if you still require restorative dentistry care.
  2. True or False: We don’t take the esthetics of your smile into account when we provide restorative treatments. Our only goal is to save your oral health.
  3. True or False: If you are suffering from tooth loss, you will need to see a specialist to restore your smile.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. If you are suffering from damage or serious discomfort, we suggest you contact us immediately. However, if the problem is minor and you are unsure, it is usually safe to wait approximately 48 hours to see if the problem – such as a toothache – clears.
  2. False. We offer restorative dentistry treatments that have been carefully selected to both repair your smile and to protect or restore its beauty. Examples include white fillings and porcelain crowns.
  3. False. Our restorative dentistry treatments include tooth replacement options, such as dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures.