Six Month Smiles: Essential Info

whitesmilecloseupHow does your smile look? Does it looks like it could use some aligning but you are pretty sure you don’t need the comprehensive orthodontic care that comes with a full set of traditional braces? If so, you may be surprised to learn that a treatment called Six Month Smiles offers the unique cosmetic improvements you want. Consider some essential information to help you more clearly understand whether your smile will benefit from this accelerated orthodontic solution.

Did We Mention It’s Accelerated?

Your smile does not need the overhaul required of more advanced or complex misalignment issues, such as cross bite or severe overcrowding. What you are looking for is a way to improve the appearance of your smile – the part that others see when you display your grin. As a result of your less complicated needs (as well as the advanced orthodontic technology of Six Month Smiles), you can expect a course of treatment that requires as few as six months.

While many patients worry that faster treatment means damage or discomfort, the reality is actually the opposite. This cosmetic braces system uses low force movements that protect your oral health and your comfort, while shifting your smile into beautiful alignment.

It’s Practically Undetectable, Too

Six Month Smiles is not a system that utilizes clear aligner trays. However, it will still appear nearly invisible to individuals who see you up close. Like traditional braces, you will receive brackets and wires. However, unlike traditional systems, this one will come with clear brackets and clear wires.