Smile-Friendly Holiday Gifts

christmasgiftnaturalWhen you delve into gift-giving during the holidays, you can find attempting to limit presents that can damage smiles becomes a slippery slope. What starts out as a simple box of chocolate can suddenly turn into a stocking full of sugary goodness and more. We cannot deny the joy that candy brings (though we certainly suggest you rinse and brush after you indulge!). What we can contribute, however, are some thoughtful gift ideas that keep preventive care in check during the holidays and throughout the year.

To Keep Water On Hand

One of the key elements of promoting on-the-go preventive care (and healthy smiles in general) is drinking water. Drinking it is good for your smile, sipping it after you eat or drink will wash away food as well as bacteria, and it’s often the only option around when a toothbrush is just not within reach. Give the gift of a safe, reusable water bottle that your loved one can carry around in style.

To Promote Super Clean Smiles

If you have ever become fascinated with the world of toothbrushes, you know first hand that there is an entire universe of electric toothbrushes out there. There’s also an equally vast expanse of manual toothbrushes that provide a long list of benefits and beautiful finishes. Give your loved ones a fancy toothbrush this year, so their smiles remain clean and bright.

To Stuff Stockings

When you’re stuffing those stockings in anticipation of early morning fun, you might find yourself feeling somewhat worried (particularly if you are stuffing them full of candy). Sugar coated smiles first thing in the morning (that won’t be brushed for quite a while) don’t really start the day out with the smile protection you hope to provide. A quick tip: Put a package of sugar-free gum in there. Use it to replace sweet treats (or chew it after snacks) for a fun way to keep up with preventive care.