Start The Year Off Right: Dental Cleanings

2016starslinesDo you spend time thinking about how nice it is to have a clean slate for 2016? Are you visualizing yourself scheduling your dental cleanings and checkups like clockwork, so you never have that, “Why did I wait so long?” feeling when it comes to your dental care? If so, your feelings are certainly in line with our philosophy regarding consistent care. By getting the ball rolling early and preparing for preventive dentistry, you can promote a healthy smile for 2016 without worry.

Schedule Your Appointment ASAP

It’s easy to become motivated to schedule dental cleanings and make tons of resolutions for the coming year as 2015 approaches its end. However, a week can turn into months, which can see you missing out on the beneficial plans you were hoping to put into action. Rather than waiting another moment, we suggest you contact our practice, so we can schedule your preventive care visit for the beginning of 2016. Put the appointment on the books, so your motivation doesn’t have a chance to get away from you!

Reap The Benefits of A Dental Cleaning

Did you indulge during the holidays? Are you ready for a bit more indulging as New Year’s Eve rolls around? Even if you have been taking excellent care of your smile, you may be worried that your teeth have been exposed to too much sugar or that you are in need of some extra help when it comes to plaque removal. Whatever the case, start the year off right by enjoying a clean slate with a dental cleaning. Your visit will, of course, also include a checkup, so we can resolve any existing issues (like tooth decay), so 2016 looks bright.