Why Do I Have A Toothache?

questionstickiesYou will find upon visiting us that there is a long list of reasons for a toothache. However, when you are at home and your tooth starts to hurt, you need to recognize that there are some common causes that typically require the need for care as soon as possible. The more you know about symptoms to watch for and what is happening with your oral health, the easier it will become to gather up the motivation to contact us for a visit. Keep in mind that we offer a full spectrum of restorative dentistry treatments like root canal therapy to return you to comfort and to save your tooth.

It Could Be Tooth Decay

If you suffer from a toothache, you might be dealing with tooth decay. This is what happens when the effects of plaque leave a hole in your tooth. The hole will cause some of your nerves to become exposed, which can result in aching and sensitivity. The good news is that you don’t need root canal therapy or any other complex treatments if it’s a cavity – we can quickly clean out and fill the space with a dental filling for a fully restored tooth.

Your Tooth Might Be Infected

Consider this fact: If your tooth is aching and throbbing and the pain is becoming severe, your tooth might be infected. An infection occurs when the dental pulp – or tissue that lines your tooth and provides nutrients and oxygen – becomes inflamed or infected. This may be accompanied with pressure, serious sensitivity to hot and cold, and you might have trouble eating. We will treat an infected tooth with root canal therapy. By removing the pulp and other tissue, filling the tooth, sealing the roots, and covering your tooth with a crown, your smile will be back to its original state of health (without the toothache).