3 Things You Should Do Before A Root Canal

steps123primaryBefore you receive your root canal treatment – particularly if this is your first one (or first with our practice) – you may find that you feel a bit uneasy or anxious. This is quite common, even for patients who have had numerous good experiences with restorative care in the past. As a result, we suggest you follow a few suggestions for things you should do before you come in to see us for your scheduled visit. The goal, of course, is to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

#1: Ask Us Your Questions

What do you need to know to feel comfortable and confident about your root canal treatment? Are you curious about the materials we use? Perhaps you are curious about the steps we will take to complete the treatment. Maybe you are more interested in what to expect afterwards and what your tooth will feel like. Or, you may be thinking along the lines of how you can prevent future tooth infections. Whatever the case, please ask, so we can set your mind at ease.

#2: Speak With Us About Sedation

Are you concerned solely about the way your treatment will feel? If so, we suggest you speak with us about sedation before your root canal treatment. We will, of course, ensure your tooth and the tissue surrounding it are numb before we begin the procedure. However, for additional numbing and deep relaxation, we may also provide you with sedation.

#3: Let Us Know What You Need

Are you interested in bringing your MP3 player with you or a particular blanket that helps you feel calm? Please speak with us about specific accommodations that will help you enjoy a completely relaxing experience.