3 Things You’re Getting Wrong About Sedation

relaxsandbeachHave you avoided talking with us about sedation dentistry because, though it sounds helpful, you’re pretty sure you won’t qualify? Have you heard rumors about sedation that lead you to wonder if your knowledge is factual or a bit mixed up? Rather than make any assumptions about this wonderful solution for relaxing care, we encourage you to consider a few things you might be getting wrong.

#1: All Forms Of Sedation Leave You Groggy

Some sedation dentistry options leave you groggy but not all of them. If you choose oral sedation or IV sedation, you will certainly require a ride home. You will also need to rest for around 24 hours until the sedative has completely left your system and you are no longer under its effects. If you choose nitrous oxide, however, the sedative leaves your body very quickly. As a result, you will have no grogginess and can even drive yourself home.

#2: We Only Offer Sedation For Anxiety

We certainly do offer sedation dentistry for patients dealing with nervousness or anxiety. We also offer it for a vast number of other reasons – we always suggest you speak with us about sedation if you are interested. Common reasons to request sedation include a strong gag reflex, receiving a lot of work within one visit, desiring additional numbing, and more.

#3: If You’re Afraid Of Needles, We Can’t Help

While it’s true that you may not want to select IV sedation as your sedative of choice (it is administered through a very small needle), you have two more options that are injection free. You may select from the following sedation dentistry options:

  • Nitrous Oxide: An inhalable gas.
  • Oral Sedation: Taken orally in pill form.