Are Veneers Really Right For You?

smileperfectWhen you find yourself making decisions about the way your smile appears, you will likely stumble across veneers. At first glance, most patients are extremely intrigued by porcelain veneers because of the multitude of benefits offered. However, just because this cosmetic treatment provides wonderful advantages does not necessarily mean it’s the right choice for you. To gain a better perspective regarding whether you need veneers – or an alternative solution – we ask that you answer some helpful questions.

Do You Just Want One Change?

Are you looking for a solution to a single problem? For instance, are you suffering from a chip or two that you do not like to see in the mirror? Maybe you are unhappy with discoloration but nothing else. If this is the case then you do not need porcelain veneers – they are small powerhouses that offer several improvements at once. In your situation, choosing a single cosmetic treatment like whitening may be best.

Are You Okay With Prep Work?

If you choose porcelain veneers, we will likely have to buff away a minuscule part of your tooth’s outer layer (called enamel). We perform this change to prepare for a beautiful fit with your veneers. If you do not want to make permanent alterations to your teeth, you should consider a treatment that does not require such changes.

Are You Dealing With Bruxism?

Are you dealing with bruxism disorder? This is what we call habitual teeth grinding or clenching. If so, it’s important that you plan on treating the issue before you receive porcelain veneers. The consistent clenching and grinding can wreak havoc not only on natural teeth but also on veneers, resulting in fractures and additional damage.