Is A Dental Bridge Right For You?

dentalbridgewaterAre you on the hunt for the tooth replacement solution that will restore your smile while giving you something to smile about? Rest assured, you are not the only patient who has ever felt like there are so many options, you are not quite sure which one to choose. For those of you considering a dental bridge to address your tooth loss, we suggest you learn a bit more about figuring out whether a bridge is right for you.

Understand the Requirements

When it comes to choosing a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth, there are some requirements that you simply cannot get around. If your tooth loss pattern, for instance, does not match up with the capabilities of this device, you will need to select an alternative. Here’s what you need to know:

  • A dental bridge may be a good choice for you only if you are missing one tooth or up to three teeth that have been lost side-by-side
  • A bridge may make a good choice if you are happy with a fixed prosthetic, which is a device that we will bond over your teeth – rather than a removable device like a denture

Speak With Us To Find Out

The best way to determine which tooth replacement solution is best for you – whether it’s a dental bridge, dental implant, or denture, is to speak with us. We will have the time during a consultation to fully examine your oral cavity (and you will have time to bring up your questions and to have them answered). You may then make an educated decision regarding which prosthetic will best serve your needs.