Misconceptions About Today’s Fillings

toothbluesideParticularly if you were receiving dental care when amalgam fillings were the standard treatment for tooth decay, you might find that you are unsure about the fillings of today. At our practice, we primarily offer tooth-colored fillings, which, unlike metal restorations of the past, are completely metal free. Composed of synthetic acrylic resin, today’s dental fillings offer multiple benefits that their amalgam counterparts do not. Curious about rumors you have heard, facts you thought you were certain of, and what’s really true? Learn more as we clarify some common misconceptions.

Misconception: They Don’t Last Very Long

Patients often have ideas about composite, worrying that it will simply crumble and fall out. It’s important to recognize that the use of composite for dental fillings has come a long way since its infancy. When compared with metal, composite actually bonds to your tooth tissue and it does not shrink or expand. The result? A filling that remains in place often for five to 10 years if not longer.

Misconception: They May Not Match Your Teeth

If you have heard the term “white filling” in reference to a composite dental filling, you may wonder if it’s an improvement from the silver hue of amalgam restorations. Fortunately – it is. You see, silver is obvious against the shade of your tooth – and it may cause a tooth to appear darker. You just have to remember not to get hung up on the term “white” – this type of filling is actually “tooth-colored,” meaning that we will match the color of the material we use to your tooth for a beautiful, undetectable match.