Reasons To Protect Your Crowns

dentalcrownshollowHave you been told that you need dental crowns to improve your oral health? Perhaps you have chosen to receive crowns as a way to address significant cosmetic damage when other treatments (like porcelain veneers) will not suffice. Whatever the case, patients sometimes forget that crowns – like natural teeth – require consistent care to remain in good shape, while performing their function of providing support, stability, and often beauty. Do yourself a favor if you are about to become a crown wearer and consider why it’s so important to protect these prosthetic teeth.

Reason #1: Damage Provides Entrance For Bacteria

If you ignore the suggestion to avoid particularly hard or chewy foods and continue snacking on ice, you might find yourself with a cracked or otherwise damaged dental crown. Unfortunately, this will leave the tooth tissue beneath the crown exposed. As a result, bacteria will have easy entrance to your tooth, leading to potential infection and the need for root canal treatment.

Reason #2: They Can Last and Last

A dental crown can last years and years. Or, it can quickly become damaged. Fortunately, if you want your crown to last all you have to do is continue to take care of your smile according to our recommendations. Keep up with preventive care and you will find that your crown may last anywhere from five years to upwards of 30, depending on your personal experience.

Reason #3: It’s Easy – Why Not?

Caring for your smile after you have received a dental crown is easy. You simply need to continue daily flossing and twice daily brushings sessions. Of course, you will need to continue your preventive care visits with us, as well, once every six months. Simple.