3 Reasons Teeth Whitening Isn’t For You

steps123Have you been thinking and dreaming about the way your smile will look once you visit us to address staining or discoloration? Are you under the impression that choosing teeth whitening to brighten up your smile is most likely the appropriate solution? You may be surprised to learn that in some instances, whitening is not going to be the best choice for your grin. Consider a few reasons why it may be time you consult with us about how to achieve the smile you want by selecting the treatment that will suit your needs.

Reason #1: You Don’t Need It

We commonly find that though teeth whitening would certainly work – it’s not necessary. For example, maybe you are upset with a stain on a single tooth. Whitening is comprehensive, which means it whitens all of your teeth. Rather than take such an all-encompassing approach, we may suggest dental bonding to address the isolated stain.

Reason #2: You Have Visible Restorations

Are you upset with the color of your smile, which includes veneers or visible dental crowns? Perhaps your porcelain crowns and teeth are not the vibrant shade they once were. Unfortunately, we cannot bleach artificial material, which means we cannot provide you with teeth whitening for a uniform smile brightening. Instead, we may suggest a combination of treatments, such as whitening your natural teeth and replacing restorations to match.

Reason #3: You Need Something Stronger

On the other end of the spectrum from an individual who needs bonding, we may find that you actually need a much more far-reaching cosmetic treatment to address your significant or deep discoloration. When the power of teeth whitening is insufficient, we often suggest porcelain veneers to provide the exceptional whitening you desire with the help of gentle camouflaging.