Cosmetic Dentistry: Think You Won’t Qualify?

womansurprisedWhen we meet with patients, we often discover that they are extremely interested in the benefits of cosmetic dentistry but they have convinced themselves there’s no way they will qualify. Unfortunately, if you make this sort of assumption, you will miss out on the opportunity to improve the way your smile looks. Rest assured, whatever your problem, we will work closely with you to ensure you arrive at the smile you hope to see when you look in the mirror. Consider some helpful information.

Qualifying For Cosmetic Care

If you want cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile, you will simply need the desire for a more attractive grin and your oral health will need to be in good standing. It’s quite simple – if your oral health needs some repairs, we will address those concerns first. Then, we can move ahead with the treatments that strictly focus on the way your smile looks.

Significant Cosmetic Damage

Perhaps you are dealing with damage that you feel is too severe for cosmetic dentistry – as a result, you assume you will never qualify. In these instances, we may resort to a few different solutions.

First, we will work our way toward the more extensive treatments we offer. For instance, if you do not qualify for teeth whitening because of deep stains (or for bonding and contouring because you require significant changes), we may suggest veneers. If your misalignment is too severe for veneers, we may suggest braces. And, of course, if your cosmetic concerns exhaust all treatments, we will incorporate restorative dentistry (such as porcelain crowns) to provide you with a gorgeous transformation.