Doesn’t Everyone Qualify For Bonding?

questioncardsWhen it comes to qualifying for particular treatments – such as porcelain veneers – patients often worry about their worthiness as candidates. However, when it comes to more conservative cosmetic solutions like dental bonding, we often find that patients assume qualifying is quite simple. True, becoming a candidate for bonding comes with a shorter list of requirements – though it’s not for everyone. Learn more, so you feel confident about your options to improve the beauty of your smile.

It’s Only For Natural Tissue

If you are interested in improving artificial tissue – perhaps you have older crowns or porcelain veneers – you will not be able to rely on dental bonding. We can apply the composite to natural tooth tissue but we cannot use it over artificial tissue. The good news? We will explore other cosmetic options to help you achieve a gorgeous smile.

You Cannot Bleach Dental Bonding

If your goal is to whiten your smile in the future but right now you want to improve the way a tooth looks, we will suggest against dental bonding. We can bleach natural tooth tissue but we cannot whiten bonding. For widespread concerns, we suggest considering porcelain veneers to improve both tooth shape and the shade of your entire smile. (Or, whiten and then choose bonding).

Your Smile Must Be Healthy

Did you think that bonding would be a good way to cover up multiple problems, including issues like tooth decay? When it comes to building up tooth tissue or camouflaging concerns, bonding offers exceptional value for esthetic improvement. However, if your teeth and/or gums are not healthy, we will begin your long-term treatment with restorative dentistry services. Then, once your smile is in good standing again, we can address the way it looks.