Fillings: 3 Things To Remind Yourself


womandholdingfaceWhen you come in to see us for your dental filling, it is important to us that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident. As a result, we will make sure the area requiring dental work is numb (and that you have received sedation if we discussed this option before your visit). To ensure you are also feeling optimistic, we suggest that you ask any questions you have – and consider reminding yourself of a few reassuring things.

#1: Your Tooth Is Going To Look Great

We offer white dental fillings, which we match to your tooth’s shade, so your tooth is going to look beautiful. You won’t need to worry about potential “darkening” – it’s a side effects of metal fillings, not the tooth-colored ones we offer.

#2: This Is The Only Way To Regain Comfort

This is the only route away from discomfort, a cavity that gets much bigger and compromises the structure of your tooth, and even infection. Once the dental filling is complete, you can rest easy knowing your oral health is back to its old (wonderful) self.

#3: Just About Everyone You Know Has A Filling

Think nobody will understand why your mouth is a bit numb when you return to work? Guess again – just about anyone you speak with (who is an adult) will be able to relate. Tooth decay affects most of the population, which means even though you may feel like you have done something horribly wrong – you probably haven’t. Just make sure you don’t miss a brushing or flossing session (or preventive visit) and you can feel safe that there will be few (to zero) additional fillings in your days ahead.