Tooth Loss: Which Tooth Replacement Is For You?

questionanswerpuzzleHow do you know if it’s time to replace your missing teeth? Well, the moment you lose a tooth, we always suggest you replace your missing tooth for a variety of important reasons. Addressing tooth loss is significant both for promoting easy, effective hygiene as well as for ensuring you keep your smile alignment just how it currently sits. Now you know that there’s no time like the present – but do you know which tooth replacement solution is best for your needs? Allow us to help you approach this exciting journey.

What Type Of Device Do You Prefer?

When it comes to protecting your smile and your comfort after tooth loss, you will need to choose a tooth replacement that works for your preferences. To begin, we suggest you consider which type of treatment you’re comfortable with by choosing one of the following:

  • Fixed Prosthetic: If you would like to receive your prosthetic and then consider it a natural extension of your smile, you may wish to choose a fixed device – we will “fix” it in place, so it does not move or come out of your mouth (unless removed by our team).
  • Removable Prosthetic: If you prefer to wear your device when you need it, while enjoying the ability to remove it from your mouth when you don’t, you will want to choose a removable prosthetic (a full or partial denture).

Have You Considered Your Budget?

Do you know exactly how much money you are comfortable investing in your device and do you know how much coverage your dental insurance provides? Figure these details out ahead of time, so you can make tooth replacement choices that work for your life.