3 Reasons To Schedule Your April Visit

aprilhellonotesAs the weather warms up, scheduling appointments for the future always feels much easier. You won’t need to bundle up and brave the cold. As a result, we encourage you to begin thinking about scheduling your April visit if it’s about time for your next preventive care dental cleaning and dental checkup. Or, of course, if anything has changed between your six-month appointments and you would like us to take a look early, scheduling an exam is always the best decision. Allow us to offer some compelling reasons to see us now that Spring has sprung.

Reason #1: April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is officially Oral Cancer Awareness Month, which means coming in for your dental checkup is a good idea. We incorporate a comfortable oral cancer screening into your exam, so you can rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on the entirety of your oral health. Why come in for a screening when you feel perfectly fine? Well, this is ideal – detecting cancer long before it develops into an apparent form means we find it early, we treat it early, and treatment success dramatically increases.

Reason #2: Plaque Accumulates Quickly

Come in for your dental checkup and dental cleaning next month, particularly if you have not seen us since well before Christmastime. Seeing us once every six months or so is essential to protecting your oral health. We will remove plaque (and tartar – hardened plaque – buildup), which will help you avoid a variety of concerns, from gum inflammation to tooth decay.

Reason #3: It’s A Nice Time To Repair Your Smile

Have you known that you needed a cavity filled since the beginning of the year but you have not felt like emerging from your state of hibernation? Take this opportunity to come in to see us, so we can take care of the problem. Then, you may look forward to fun in the sun without worrying about your oral health.