3 Reasons Your Smile Looks … Bad

womancoveringmouthAre you feeling embarrassed to smile in front of other people because your smile is certainly not looking its best? Can you quickly attest to this fact but you cannot as easily describe exactly what the problem is? If so, it’s time you schedule a visit to come in and see us. We will help you identify the problem and come up with a solution, while ensuring your oral health is in good standing. Remember – we offer comprehensive treatment solutions to address your needs.

Reason #1: Your Prevention Has Slipped

If your preventive care has slipped, then chances are good your smile is not looking as lovely as it once did. Perhaps you have been skipping brushing sessions at night because you feel exhausted. Maybe you have not been in to see us for quite some time. As a result, you may find yourself experiencing oral health problems like gingivitis, tooth decay, and a general lackluster smile. We will help you get back on track with a cleaning and exam, while reminding you of essential dental hygiene guidelines. We will also schedule any necessary restorative treatments, so your smile feels and looks healthy again.

Reason #2: You Could Use Cosmetic Care

You may need some cosmetic care if you are dealing with purely esthetic issues that don’t affect your oral health. For instance, does your smile look yellow? Are chips and cracks embarrassing you? Maybe it’s misalignment that’s got you down. Whether you need teeth whitening, bonding, contouring, veneers, or Invisalign, we will figure it out.

Reason #3: You Need Restorations Replaced

Do you have old metal crowns that are marring your smile? Perhaps your dental bridge has seen better days. Whatever the case, old dental work can cause your smile and your general appearance to seem aged. By replacing old restorations with new, lifelike ones, your smile will look lovely.