Going Green For St. Patrick’s Day?

stpatricksdaybirdAre you excited about the upcoming holiday? After all, St. Patrick’s day means you can indulge in some exciting traditions, including everything from wearing green to indulging in holiday-themed treats (and imbibing some green-hued beverages if you’re feeling like a risk taker). While the day can be quite fun, it can also prove to result in some consequences – often those that negatively affect your oral health. Let us help you maneuver your way through the festivities in a safe, fun fashion.

Get In The Spirit!

Want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without overdoing the sugar? Seek out some other green items to add to the celebration – items that are good for your smile. Take this opportunity to buy a new green toothbrush or green toothpaste if you are in need of new products. Reach out for minty green sugarless gum for a sweet treat that’s beneficial for your oral health.

Go “Green” With Your Habits

Do you have a habit of turning the water on to begin brushing your teeth and then leaving it running throughout your entire dental hygiene session? If so, you may want to consider using the water only when you need it and then turning it off until it’s time to rinse – this will help protect the planet, while you protect your teeth. Why not let St. Patrick’s day influence this aspect of your care, too?

Don’t Let That Smile Stay Green

Did you drink a green-colored beverage with the hysterical result of a green-tinted smile? Perhaps you ate a dessert with green icing. Whatever the case, the momentary color change is quite funny (but not for long). Keep your oral health in good condition and your smile white by rinsing your mouth with water after you enjoy one of these holiday treats. Then, brush your teeth after 30 minutes to thoroughly clean away the green.