Say Goodbye To Stress, Hello To Oral Health

goodbyetimetosayDid you know that if you are dealing with significant stress on a daily basis, the effects can include a variety of issues like anything from aches and pains to problems with your oral health? When it comes to the influence of stress on your smile, you will quickly discover that problems like TMJ disorder and grinding or clenching (bruxism) are often related. Allow us to explain more regarding treating the effects of stress (and what to do about targeting stress itself).

Treat The Problem

If you find that stress takes hold of you quite consistently, rest assured – you are not the only one. In fact, April is Stress Awareness Month not because a few people are dealing with daily anxiety (without knowing how to manage it in many cases) but because it is viewed by the medical community as an epidemic. As for your smile, stress can aggravate or contribute to the development of TMJ disorder (the dysfunction of your jaw joints) or bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth involuntarily). Fortunately, we offer gentle therapy to protect you from discomfort and damage.

Address The Underlying Concern

It’s great news, of course, that we offer treatment for problems like TMJ disorder and bruxism. You can expect the protection you need for optimal oral health. However, consistent use of oral appliance therapy will not necessarily fix the problem if you are still dealing with stress. Don’t worry – you have options. You can address stress on your own by seeking approaches that help “center” your thoughts, so you feel calm (think meditation-based approaches like yoga or art therapy). We also suggest speaking with your doctor about the best solution for your personal needs regarding managing stress.