Yes, You Can Change Tooth Shape

smile pointingatteethInterested in changing the shape of a single tooth that simply isn’t working for your smile’s appearance? Perhaps you have long felt that all of your teeth display a particular shape that doesn’t do much to create a beautiful smile or to complement your face. Good news: You are not stuck with the teeth that nature provided you. Instead, we may assist you with cosmetic treatments to alter the shape of your teeth for a gorgeous grin.

Making Minor Changes

Some patients are interested in improving their tooth shape without attempting to achieve dramatic improvements. Instead, they seek a way to smooth out particular areas, lengthen a short tooth, make it look as though two side-by-side teeth are touching (by filling a gap), or create a more uniform smile. As a result, we offer the cosmetic treatment called dental contouring when you need to take some tissue away (such as to soften a point) or dental bonding when you need to add a bit of tissue (such as to lengthen a tooth). Note: You may also elect to use both contouring and bonding to achieve the desired results.

Making Big Changes

Want to make some big changes to your smile? If altering tooth shape is just one of your concerns, we may suggest you consider porcelain veneers, a cosmetic treatment that yields stunning results. In addition to customizing the dimensions and shape of each tooth, you may also wish to rely on veneers to cover up problems with texture, achieve a brighter, whiter smile, and even to hide cracks and chips.