3 Times You Let Your Smile Down

steps123cupsDid you know that there are common things many patients do on a regular basis that can sabotage oral health? Unfortunately, most people are unaware of these habits and even less aware of the fact that they can lead to problems with maintaining healthy smiles. The good news is that when you’re wondering why your smile isn’t staying in the excellent condition you’re hoping for, we can offer a few helpful responses. As always, if you are in need of a conversation or a checkup, contact us right away.

#1: You’re Lax With Dental Hygiene

Deciding to brush twice a day one day and then brush only once the next seems like a minor concern. How will your smile know that you’ve skipped a brushing session? Unfortunately, this can actually result in significant problems (like cavities) because missing a brushing session gives plaque time to harden. Once it’s hard (we call this tartar), it’s not budging until you visit us for a cleaning.

#2: You Skip Your Visits

Do you need a preventive visit? If so, skipping one or more will let your oral health down for two primary reasons. First, any tartar that has formed on your teeth will stay there until you see us. Second, if a problem is just beginning, we will not be able to detect it and treat it before it advances (becoming more challenging and potentially more costly to treat).

#3: You Ignore Hygiene Details

Did you brush your teeth but you only did so for one minute? You need two full minutes for effective care. Did you avoid flossing for a week? You need to do it every day to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay. How about your products? Did you use the same brush for longer than three months? It will lose its effectiveness. Keep up with the details, so your oral health remains in optimal condition.